Va$htie on Why Art Is Power and Taking 1992 Party Abroad

Posted by | February 07, 2014 | News, Speaker & Columnist | No Comments

Che had the opportunity to interview Va$htie Kola as part of his Art Is Power series on Huffington Post, a column where Che Kothari asks artists to succinctly define the power of art.

Va$htie Kola, also known as Downtown’s Sweetheart, is widely notorious for being a creative, talented and beautiful tastemaker who occupies several scenes of New York. An overall “It Girl” whose photos you’ve probably seen all over the Internet, Va$htie dons many titles: designer, director, party promoter and an over-all entrepreneur.

Va$htie began her career as a music video director making videos for artists such as Common, Solange, Kid Cudi, Tony Hussle, Jadakiss, Justin Bieber, Joey Badass and Kendrick Lamar. She’s become known for her work with Billionaire Boys Club (as their former designer); her clothing line VIOLETTE; working as a former Creative Director of Def Jam; her 1992 parties (that have been running since 2006) and being the first female to design her own Jordan sneaker. Va$htie has been keeping very busy on her many missions.

I was first introduced to Va$htie’s work a few years ago as we were working on the curation of the 5th year anniversary of the Manifesto Festival in Toronto. Our music director, Wan Luv, brought her to our team’s attention as someone unique and special to feature as a keynote speaker and art exhibitor for the festival. As much as we wanted to have Va$htie involved that year, stars did not align and that was not our time. A few years later she re-appeared on my radar after my wife, Mriga Kapadiya, ran into her at Capsule – a fashion tradeshow based in New York. Mriga was there promoting her line NorBlack NorWhite in a booth right across from Va$htie, who was promoting VIOLETTE. They were instantly attracted to one another’s vibes and built a relationship.

You can read the rest of this interview with Va$htie in conversation with Che on Huffington Post