Prism Prize Roundtable: 8 Canadian directors dissect the anatomy of a great music video

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This article was originally posted on Chart Attack and can be found here.

This Sunday, March 23, the second annual Prism Prize will be announced for best Canadian music video of the year, chosen, like its big brother Polaris, “based on artistic merit.” The 90+ jury of industry pros and music journalists were given a set of criteria – originality, creativity, style, innovation and effective execution – and used it to select a shortlist of ten videos. Watch and read about all of them here.

We gathered the eight Canadian nominated directors (Emily Kai Bock is nominated twice, and Anton Corbijn is Dutch) with a similar objective in mind: to lend a platform to an otherwise overlooked medium. There’s been plenty of ink spilled about film directors’ processes, but not nearly as much on music video directors, even as directors like Spike Jonze and Michel Gondry have proven the next auteur might be lurking in plain sight on MuchMusic (or more likely YouTube).

You can read the rest of this article, originally posted on Chart Attack, here.