Manifesto Festival Announces 7 Year Lineup & Evolution Theme

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Che announces Manifesto Festival’s 7 year theme on Huffington Post as part of his Art Is Power series.

…’Til Infinity
Manifesto 2013

The number seven is the sage’s number of regeneration and has divine cultural significance throughout the world’s his/herstory. Seven relates to the composition of the universe, renewal, and evolution: The Iroquois believe that each generation should prepare for the future seven generations, not just ecologically, but in every capacity, indicating that every action we make now will have continued impact seven generations forward. Manifesto’s seventh year is also a time of renewal — a time to focus and deepen. We are excited to be launching our crystallized vision and the strategic plan that will get us to the next iteration of the organization in such a profound year of meaning.

Much like the human body, that regenerates all of its cells in a seven-year cycle, this seventh year at Manifesto, we have regenerated. I have transitioned from my position as Executive Director, and now reside as Chair of the Board of Directors. This is a positive evolution; one that is natural and that will allow me to support Manifesto’s work by reaching further out, while giving space for new energy and ideas to flourish in our fertile soil. Let’s continue planting seeds with the foundation of pure love and positivity, to further manifest the flourishing forests of our freedom and expression.

You can read the rest of this article by Che on Manifesto Festival’s 7 year theme on Huffington Post