Danilo M. McCallum on Why Art Is Power

Posted by | April 01, 2013 | News, Speaker & Columnist | No Comments

Che had the opportunity to interview Danillo M. McCallum as part of his Art Is Power series on Huffington Post, a column where Che asks artists to succinctly define the power of art.

I love travelling the world and exploring the beauty which exists in all of her nooks and crannies. There are so many things taking place at the very same moment, however, and with travel comes the sacrifice of missing things that you really want to be a part of in your home town.

I got an invitation for an exhibition opening a couple weeks back, but when I looked at the dates I was disappointed as I am currently travelling through India and I would not be able to attend. The invite was from a collective in the city that I really respect featuring an artist from the collective who I really admire.

I first got to know Danilo, the artist being featured, under the guise of Equinox 199 who was a part of the hip hop group Pangea Project — with fellow poets and emcees Change & Ian Kamau. I remember bringing the three artists to my studio to document their profound words of wisdom in short video poems. I only released the one with Kamau and still have Change & Equinox’s in my archive…maybe one day I’ll get around to releasing them 🙂

What I loved about their crew, beyond the knowledge they were spreading through their lyrics, was the brotherhood they shared through their art. As I got to know them each more individually I learned about Danilo’s passion and skills in the visual arts. Since that time, Pangea doesn’t perform together any more and Danilo is more focused on his visual arts career, and has found a new crew of artists to support that area of focus — the 185 Augusta Collective.

To read this interview with Danilo, please visit Huffington Post.