Crazy Legs on Why Art Is Power

Posted by | April 30, 2013 | News, Speaker & Columnist | No Comments

Che had the opportunity to interview Crazy Legs as part of his Art Is Power series on Huffington Post, a column where Che asks artists to succinctly define the power of art.

We were thrilled to bring Richard “Crazy Legs” Colon to Toronto for the 4th Annual Manifesto Festival in 2010 — as one of the original members of the Rock Steady Crew, Legs is one of the original B-boys, doing it before people had a name for it. As a kid he was creating moves that are now part of the B-boy vernacular, and in his teens he was traveling the world preaching the gospel of hip-hop, performing in Hollywood movies, and immersing himself in the music and culture of a new art form. He and hip-hop grew up together, and bringing him to the festival was a treat.

Since then we’ve stayed in touch, and man, the cat always has something good on the go. He’s hosting an event, DJ’ing at a wicked party, judging the up and comers in a battle, dancing, teaching; the guy makes the dedicated look like slackers. He is an amazing example of what it takes to really make it as a pro: hard work. In fact, when we brought him up to Toronto for the Manifesto festival it was on the condition that we find him a place to do his live to air DJ show Lunch Breaks. This web-series doesn’t make him any money, but he didn’t want to let his fans down — its wacky blend of cooking and spinning has a cult following, and there was no way he was coming if we didn’t get him a kitchen. Fortunately the Starving Artist hooked us up and we were able to make it happen. But that’s what I’m talking about when I say dedication.

You can read the rest of this interview with Crazy Legs on  Huffington Post