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Curator of Scotiabank Nuit Blanche 2015!

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In honour of the 10th year of Scotiabank Nuit Blanche, the existing Independent Projects program has been expanded to include a new program called the 10 for the 10th. Housed under the Independent Projects umbrella, this program is a partnership between the City of Toronto and 11 of the top cultural institutions in our urban boundary.

In total, 10 projects will be co-produced with the City and the partners and will have access to a $10,000 production budget and $1000 artist fee. In addition each venue has been gracious enough to offer up their existing technical equipment/services where possible.

The 10 for the 10 program is curated by myself as part of my role curating the Independent Projects. My curatorial ethos is rooted in the idea of memory and our individual and collective interactions/reactions to memory. In full the statement reads as:

“Memory is the faculty by which the mind stores and remembers information. With each new experience, new pathways are created between the neurons in our brain, which in turn get stronger each time we recall that memory. Our memories shape who we are, the stories we tell and how we see and experience the world. They are deeply personal, yet also experienced and created collectively. They surround us, from radio waves echoing through space to our very DNA.

Memory Lane will explore the rich and textured terrain of memory – the personal, the shared, the sacred, the nostalgic, the iconic, the political. What memories shape us the most? What have we allowed to fade away or be distorted? What do our collective memories reveal about our future? Memory Lane will dissolve the lines between space, place and time to take a fresh look at this mysterious and intrinsically human phenomenon – providing fertile ground for the creation of millions of new memories in the process.”

The spaces we have been given access to provide a beautiful house/backdrop for memory-based works. In their simplest sense they are spaces that have created memory themselves and provide a great stepping-stone for artists to develop from. From Walker Court in the AGO to a black box cinema within the TIFF Bell Lightbox, the variety of spaces is inspirational and I for one am very excited to see how the spaces are re-interpreted.

For the application, you will be asked to indicate which partner venues (up to 3), you would like your project to be considered for. Here is some specific info about the potential venues, for you to consider:

Art Gallery of Ontario

Proposals for interior and exterior projects are welcome, however the AGO has put aside Walker Court especially for the 10 for 10th exhibition. It is an indoor space featuring a winding Frank Gehry-designed staircase.  The room is at the centre of the building, has a glass ceiling and encompasses 4,000 + square feet of space.


WCourt2 - credit Craig Boyko

Artscape Wychwood Barms

Proposals for interior and exterior projects are welcome. The venue is a converted heritage building built as a streetcar maintenance facility in 1913. The main indoor space available for the 10 for 10th exhibition project is Barn 2, which has a grid and hanging system of overhead installations.



Bata Shoe Museum

Indoor spaces available include the main lobby, and multi-purpose rooms on the main floor and lower lobby. Projection outdoors on the façade of the building is also possible.

Drake 150

An elevated outdoor courtyard between York Street and University Avenue, is available for the 10 for 10th exhibition. There are entrance/exit points at York Street and University Avenue, by stairwell. The outdoor space is L-shaped, nestled amongst hotels and office towers with permanent planters and trees throughout. The first part of the L measures 61′ x 175′, the second part of the L measures 151′ x 68′. An outdoor fountain space at the north-west corner of York and Adelaide, is also available for the project.IMG_7197

Gardiner Museum

Proposals for interior and exterior projects are welcome. The Terrace Room may be sectioned of with the use of a movable wall. The room connects to a terrace that extends over the front entrance of the building. Other potential spaces include main floor lobby and outdoor platform between the building’s front doors and sidewalk. Preference for this space will be given to projects incorporating ceramics and or relating to collections/collecting.



Gladstone Hotel

A heritage building, the oldest continuously operating hotel in Toronto. Interior spaces available include: the Ballroom, Melody Bar and rooms 207 and 214. The Ballroom and Melody Bar have a grid and hanging system for the ceiling. The alleyway behind the hotel and the front façade of the space are also available for the 10 for 10th project.


Justina M. Barnicke Gallery/ U of T Art Centre at Hart House

A student centre established in 1919, houses a gallery, multiple clubs, meeting rooms, chapel, etc. on the U of T campus. There are multiple large and mid-sized rooms available for consideration. They include: the Debates Room, Map Room, East Common Room, Reading Room and Music Room. It is possible to consider multiple rooms for one project. Many of the rooms have 2 entrance/ exit points, windows and vaulted ceilings.


OCAD University

Indoor spaces available include: the Auditorium (with retractable seating), Great Hall (with overhead hanging system), Lambert Lounge and Transit Space (hallway on the first floor). Butterfield Park is available as an outdoor space. Priority consideration will be given to OCAD University students, staff, faculty and alumnae.



The Hyacinth Gloria Chen Crystal Court is the atrium lobby located in the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal is available for the 10 for 10th exhibition. It is a 4-storey interior space with multiple irregularly shaped surfaces to use. There are 2 dinosaur skeletons permanently in the space (one hanging from the ceiling, another 4-legged creature standing on podiums).



Toronto International Film Festival @ TIFF Bell Lightbox

Interior and exterior spaces are available. Inside the Atrium, Atrium walls and Cinemas are available. Cinemas 1-3 all have stages and stage lighting capability. Cinema 3 has a removable section that can accommodate a grand piano as well. Cinema 5 has retractable seating to allow for flexible use of the space. The outdoor façade of the building is also available. Projects which incorporate film, projection and the moving image are of particular interest.


TIFF Bell Lightbox Cinema 1 - front_ credit Sam Santos


They are not providing a space, but are our 11th Programming Partner for the 10 for 10th exhibition. They will be partnering with one of our other 10 for 10th venues to select and support a project in the exhibition.

More info on the 10 for 10th exhibition and how to apply, may be found here