Bad-Perm: [REVIEW] #1992Toronto

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Art is power. Art is always a cause for celebration.

When Toronto community instigator and esteemed photographer Che Kothari launched his online photographic portfolio this past Friday, true to form he brought together Toronto’s most vibrant and noteworthy community members for #1992Toronto.

The 1992 party is a mainstay New York event that was started in 2006 by the original King, Va$htie and Oscar Sanchez. It was meant to bring together tastemakers and hip hop enthusiasts, drawing the likes of Jay-Z and The Clipse who have been associated with the event. You can only imagine the sheer joy I felt when Che announced that he would be bringing down Va$htie and Huggy Bear to Toronto for the very first time. Now was our chance to show the New Yorkers what Northern Hospitality really was while they brought the energy of the Big Apple to our city. I’m a self-admitted Empirephile – a person obsessed with anything and everything New York. The cultural relevance that Toronto’s edition of 1992 was serving up was sure to be a night to look fondly back on for months to come.

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